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Anonymous Star Trek fic (most, uh, kinky)

Mostly since I'm slightly shamed to post it to my everyday livejournal (but like to keep track of things I have written)

Fic: Like light and darkness, succeed each other (Chapel/McCoy)

Title: Like light and darkness, succeed each other
Rating: Adult
Pairings: McCoy/Chapel
Summary: The discovery of a shared interest; not even complete trust means that intimacy is easy and simple.
Warnings: Sexual activity; spanking
Author's notes: Written for the a prompt at the st_xi_kink meme here. Um, yeah, I don't know - still half ashamed and obviously still half anonymous - but here the fic is all the same. Mostly posted to christen the opening of mccoy_chapel

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together crew

Fic: Enterprise Kink Meme (assorted)

Title: The Enterprise Kink Meme
Rating: R (talk of sex and kinks, no explicit action)
Characters/Pairings: The major players of the Enterprise crew; Spock/Uhura and McCoy/Chapel, other implied minor pairings
Summary: Drunk off Andorian whiskey one night, Kirk and Sulu decide that a kink meme on the Enterprise messaging system is an marvelous idea.
Author's Notes: Written for the st_xi_kink meme here. Because really, what else except that could prompt this? Crack but yet. . . not exactly.

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